Today’s players eagerly enter the kitchen of “My mom cooks better than yours”. They choose their ingredients – will they get it all? They turn on the kitchen lights – but one remains off – and are ready for a fun cooking duel.

Watch the trailer:

They will enjoy it equally o Markos Seferlis and Hector Botrini?

Christiana and Irene they managed to win in the previous episode and enter the kitchen for the second time. The two of them cook “velouté vegetable soup with pumpkin” while Markos gives them an acting lesson. Will their recipe get positive comments from Hector or will his review be negative?

Their opponents, two friends, George and Vassilis. Vassilis puts George in the kitchen and instructs him to make “rib eye with red sauce and mashed sweet potatoes.” Markos, however, discovers George’s acting talent and writes him the… script. Will their cooking story have a happy ending?


Hector is testing! Where will he give the 1,000 euros of the episode? Pumpkin or sweet potato?