When we think of New York, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind in terms of film and television is ‘Sex and the City’. It is true that this series praised the metropolis of the world like no other. However, she is not the only one. Among the many productions that took advantage of the city’s impressive setting to tell their stories is the “You’ve Got Mail”.

The premise of Nora Ephron’s classic film unfolds in autumnal New York in the 90s and tells the story of a young woman, the owner of a children’s bookstore, who falls in love with Joe, with whom she communicates online. One of the elements, which the director deliberately brought into the film, is the prominence of the megalopolis at this time of the year. Indeed, Ephron has gone out of her way—not that it takes much—to romanticize fall New York, making us want to hop on the first plane and run to the city where the shades of brown, the cool weather, and the pumpkins that they adorn every showcase creating a truly unique setting.

The film, however, highlights – perhaps unintentionally – something else: An interior decoration trend through the cozy and charming apartment of the protagonist Kathleen Kelly. And since autumn is the season that makes us look for changes and set new goals, we can draw some inspiration from this space to give a touch of renewal to our space, now that the weather is getting colder and we spend more time within the home:

  • Fill some white shelves with your favorite books

Being the owner of a bookstore, Kathleen is obviously an avid reader. Her living room is filled with bookshelves that house all her favorite novels, making it a key part of its aesthetic. You too place some shelves at different heights and points of the living room and decorate them with colorful books.

  • Add a touch of cottage by placing a wicker chair in the living room

Wicker chairs aren’t just for the front porch. Kathleen has one prominently placed in her living room, lending a charming touch to her space (the heroine was clearly decades ahead of the cottagecore trend). You won’t have a hard time finding such a piece of furniture. It will definitely be found in vintage shops and antique stores, but also in online stores.

  • Make your bedroom more charming with a striped headboard

The bedroom and especially the bed are dominant parts of a home that offer comfort and physical and mental relaxation. Kathleen seems to know this, judging by how comfortable her bed appears to be, with the “twirl” quilt and pile of pillows adorning the space where she chooses to “hide” after a stressful day. The entire bedroom stands out, but one particular eye-catcher is the bed’s adorable striped headboard. Stripes are a well-tested and timeless pattern, which all indicate that it will never go out of style and will always be in fashion.

  • Use a classic wooden trunk for storage

Every tenant of a small space understands the importance of prioritizing furniture that serves multiple functions. Kathleen perfectly highlights this need through the use of vintage wooden bedside tables in the bedroom, but also wooden trunks as storage spaces. It is, after all, a piece that never goes out of fashion in interior design, while it is one of the few pieces of furniture that seems to get more beautiful over time. You will find them everywhere, you can place them almost anywhere and use them in many ways.

  • Choose a wooden table as your office furniture

Instead of a traditional desk with drawers, why not turn a vintage-looking wooden table into a workstation? Kathleen often types to Joe while sitting at a large piece of furniture that looks like a dining table. It’s always nice to have room to spread out when working from home, making a table of this size the optimal choice. Even if your apartment is small, you can add a piece like this and use it in different ways: Office during the day and dining room during meal times.

  • Hang some plates on the wall as decoration

Perhaps this style of decoration is a bit reminiscent of our grandmothers’ houses in the villages. But it can give a touch of romance and vintage style to a monotonous, white kitchen. Of course, the dishes you choose should have some visual interest. And if you don’t have it, it doesn’t matter. You can find everywhere colorful plates with interesting designs and patterns at great prices. Then you have to choose which wall will be decorated as a gallery with plates in different sizes and styles. What matters is that the result pleases you and vindicates you.

  • Give soft lighting to the bedroom with many lamps

Instead of having just one central lamp, which can turn the darkest night into day, Kathleen has chosen to surround herself with plenty of lamps, characterized by soft lighting, giving a warm atmosphere, especially in the bedroom, which is the station of rest her. Try changing the central lamps with the “hard” light with peripheral lamps in softer shades and you will see your space completely change its appearance and provide you with the relaxing atmosphere you so need.

  • Give a floral mood by choosing a floral sofa

Kathleen wasn’t afraid to use floral prints and maybe it’s time you did too! In recent years, floral sofas have returned to the limelight, thanks to the popularity of all things grandmillennial. You don’t need to change sofas to follow the trend, since doing so requires a respectable exit. You can simply add a similar cover, making the sofa, but also your entire living room look completely different and renewed!