I don’t see the fun in just being a heartthrob, says Filipe Bragança, 22, from the cast of ‘Elas por Elas’


Luisa Monte

He’s not like Marcos Pasquim, the king of shirtless scenes on Globo in the actor’s heyday. But soap opera fans noticed: Filipe Bragança’s naked torso has appeared more frequently than normal in “Elas por Elas”. The soap opera has had lower-than-expected ratings on Globo, but Giovanni, Filipe’s character, is successful with his romantic partner, Isis (Rayssa Bratillier).

The two star in the least prudish scenes of the plot, which airs at 6pm, and form the soap opera’s most talked about couple on social media. Filipe, 22, says he was born to be the handsome guy in the parade. Or rather, he grew up listening to it. “I was always told that I would be a heartthrob. I think that was consolidated with Giovanni”, he says.

The character is a good-looking guy, friendly and passionate… A heartthrob with a capital G. He wants more. “I don’t see the point in just being a heartthrob. I want to be more than that. If I can be more, I’ll try.” It looks like things may be going this other way now.

His character was diagnosed with severe anxiety, and Filipe celebrates his approach to the topic of mental health: “If you take a heartthrob who, theoretically, would just be a cute prince, and make him complex, he becomes much cooler.”

Born in Goiânia, Filipe moved to São Paulo at the age of 12, when he played Duda in “Chiquititas” (SBT). Son of an actress and a dancer, he says that DNA contributed to his work on 20 projects, at the age of 22. “Given my young age, it’s difficult for such a young actor to get such good roles in big projects,” says the actor, sometimes sounding a little modest.

In addition to the contemporary heartthrob, Filipe will show Brazil his greatest protagonist and the biggest challenge of his career: he plays Sidney Magal, with his 80s charm, in “Meu Sangue Ferve por Você”, a musical film that premiered in October , at the Rio Festival and the São Paulo Film Festival, and hits theaters in the first half of 2024.

Even younger than the singer at the time portrayed, Filipe was cast in the role, which would initially be played by José Loreto. “I had very complete preparation, vocal preparation to sing as much like Magal as possible, body preparation too, to do the choreography and dance like him”, he said.

“I also had help from Magal himself, who was often on set watching. That gave me security. If Magal is saying it’s good, then there’s no other person who can criticize my work.”

Source: Folha

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