He bent Lithuania and Cyprus smiled after a year


Victory, even in a friendly game, celebrated… finally the Cyprus! His team Timur Ketspaya managed to bend me 1-0 Lithuania in a game held at ‘Alphamega Stadium’ and smiled after a year!

And that’s because her last victory Cyprus he had come again in a friendly, a year ago, when on November 20, 2022 he had prevailed with Israel’s 3-2 Away. If we look, the most recent home victory was on September 24, 2022 with 1-0 against Greece for the Nations League.

In racing, Lithuania could have taken the lead in the 12th minute with an own goal Virgin Mary, but VAR did not exist for the referee to realize that the ball had crossed the goal line. Somehow, 0-0 remained and finally Cyprus took the lead in the 22nd minute, when Ioannou converted and Pittas scored with one for 1-0, with the score remaining as it is until the final.

Lithuania, who had in the first 45 minutes the Slivka of Lamia in its starting line-up but was replaced at half-time, started the second half strongly and had a goal in the 52nd minute with Novikovas. A phase that was actually the best in the second 45 minutes, with Cyprus finally getting the friendly victory with 1-0.

He played as a substitute for the home team, entering the match in the 57th minute, o Peleus of Panserraikos.

Source: Sport Fm

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