Angélica turns 50 and cries at the family’s tribute on Sunday with Huck

Angélica turns 50 and cries at the family’s tribute on Sunday with Huck

On Domingão com Huck this Sunday (19), the painting “Linha do Tempo” welcomed his wife, Angélica, who is about to turn 50 on November 30th. Among the many tributes received, the most special came from her children, the trio Joaquim, Benício and Eva, as well as her husband and presenter Luciano Huck.

With the presence of her family in the audience, the presenter was moved when remembering her journey. “This story is a story of overcoming. My professional story begins after a family tragedy,” she said, referencing the assault her family suffered during her childhood. “In this robbery, my husband was shot in the hand and shot in the back. Angélica witnessed everything, she was terrified”, reports her mother, Angelina.

However, the program also had happy moments with the speeches of Angélica’s children. Benício, 16, for example, recalled a family trip to Bahia and joked with his mother: “You’re getting old.” Eva, 11, went further in her tributes and sang on the “Domingão” stage, singing the theme song of Fada Bela, the presenter’s notable character.

“When I was little, I watched the recordings and thought it was really cool. I’m very inspired by her. I always wonder if one day I’ll do this too”, said Eva.

“I’m just grateful for everything, for my life, for my family, for my friends, for my history on TV”, said Angélica, at the end, amid tears. “And here’s to the next 50 years, full of emotions, lots of joy. I’m very proud of my story and today I confirmed all that pride, thanks to you here.”

Source: Folha

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