Less than a month separates us from the closing ceremony of the institution of the European Capital of Culture, which for Elefsina is marked as “Mystery 1” and characterized as “Ending: Beginning, a ceremony” and the organizers are preparing to inaugurate everything will leave the Cultural Capital behind, as its artistic director Michael Marmarinos said.

It is true that the material presence of the organization in the public space, so far, remains discreet, without blatant interventions, as it gave us the opportunity to see a small tour of the city together with Michael Marmarinos and his colleagues.

Works of public sculpture

“Elefsina had no indoor infrastructure”, the artistic director of the event tells us, “that’s why we turned to the use of public space”. Thus, the city was endowed with 18 works of public sculpture – and two more that are expected to be added – in various parts of it, both on the beach front and around the archaeological site and in parts in its neighborhoods, in Upper Eleusis or the Greek-Russian Quarter.

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