A Fazenda 15: André Gonçalves is on the farm; Cezar Black, Alícia X and Shayan compete in the farmer’s race


Cezar Black, Shayan, Alícia X and André Gonçalves compete to stay in A Fazenda 15 (Record) this week. One of the four will be the eighth eliminated from the current edition of the reality show and will leave the competition on Thursday (23). Before that, three of them (Alícia, Cezar Black and Shayan) face the farmer’s test this Wednesday (22), and the winner escapes from the spotlight.

The start of the field was with Lily Nobre, who took her two Power of Flame envelopes and handed the orange one to WL Guimarães. She decided to stay with White Power. Jaqueline Grohalski decided to nominate Cezar Black.

At this moment, Black and Lucas Souza had a strong argument. Record security guards had to go on air to intervene. Because she broke furniture in the house in a fight on Monday (21), Jaqueline lost her immunity as leader as punishment.

Then, the house voting began and Shayan received the highest number of nominations (7) – becoming another name in the field. Next, Lily read the white power envelope: exchange the fourth roceiro for a pawn from the headquarters or the stall that did not go to the popular vote. She chose to nominate Lucas Souza for this week’s vote.

Next, Shayan decided to pull André Gonçalves from the stall to the field. Soon after, the dynamics of the remainder began and Radamés was left. However, Lily Nobre used her power and decided to put Alicia away.


  • Yuri Meirelles voted for Shayan;
  • Radamés Furlan voted for Jaquelline Grohalski;

  • Tonzão Chagas voted for Shayan
  • Jaquelline Grohalski voted for Cezar Black;
  • Shayan voted for Jaquelline Grohalski
  • Lucas Souza voted for Shayan

  • WL Guimarães voted for Shayan
  • Kally Fonseca voted for Jaquelline Grohalski;
  • Márcia Fu voted for Shayan
  • Alicia X voted for Lily Nobre
  • Nadja Pessoa voted for Jaqueline Grohalski
  • Lily Nobre voted for Shayan;
  • André Gonçalves voted for Shayan;

  • Cezar Black voted for Jaquelline Grohalski;

Source: Folha

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