A Fazenda 15: Alicia X is the tenth eliminated from the reality show


Alicia X was the 10th eliminated from A Fazenda 15 (Record). According to the popular vote, Alicia X registered just 4.62% of the votes and left the reality show on Thursday night (23). She competed to stay on the program with André Gonçalves and Shayan.

Shayan was announced as the first saved to continue on A Fazenda, while André was the public’s second option. In reality, viewers choose who they want to see continue in the game and the person with the least votes leaves the competition.

Galisteu ended voting at 0:01 am and gave his farewell speech, praising the trio of roceiros of the week. “I want to say that all great characters change throughout history, to leave your comfort zone, you have to have courage, which is what you have in abundance. Whatever the result, you will leave different than when you entered”, she shot.

Alicia X, Cezar Black and Shayan were nominated in the vote this Tuesday (21) and faced each other in the Farmer’s Test this Wednesday (22). André Gonçalves was already in the field after being nominated in a special Power of the Flame dynamic.

However, this Wednesday, Black won the farmer’s test and was removed from the spotlight, in addition to winning the reign.

Source: Folha

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