A Fazenda 15: Kally Fonseca loses her temper after being insulted by Márcia Fu: ‘My mother died’


The temperature rose at the headquarters of A Fazenda 15 in the early evening of this Friday (24). Kally Fonseca and Márcia Fu got into a big fight right after recording the program Hora do Faro, which will be shown on Sunday (27). It all started because of a curse from the former volleyball player at the end of a dynamic. “You are false, bad, evil pest,” she screamed. Not satisfied, the girl continued cursing the singer: “Son of a bitch”.

After hearing the insults, Kally lost control and attacked Márcia, needing to be held back by Cezar Black and Radamés Furlán. Crying a lot, Kally knocked on the kitchen counter and said that Márcia was talking about her mother. “What did you call my mother? She’s already dead. She died of cancer”, shouted the participant as she threw herself on the floor and broke objects from the program. Out of control, she needed to be supported by her allies.

Excited and nervous, Márcia Fu explained to the other workers that she was not speaking badly about the worker’s mother. “It’s a popular saying”, she explained. Afterwards, she went to apologize to Kally in the room. “I didn’t say ‘your mother is a bitch’. It’s slang. Don’t take it to heart. I’m apologizing for calling you names, but don’t take me wrong,” said the girl.

Source: Folha

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