More than €190,000 has been raised in an online fundraiser organized in Ireland for the Brazilian immigrant who on Wednesday was instrumental in stopping and arresting the attacker in a knife attack in Dublin.

Five people were injured in the attack, including three children. One of them remains in critical condition, Justice Minister Helen McKendy said.

The incident sparked riots in the streets of the Irish capital, with far-right activists claiming the attacker was a foreigner. The rioters looted shops and set fire to police patrol cars and buses.

Irish police – who have not released the nationality of the attacker, nor determined his motive – made 34 arrests in connection with the riots.

Against the anti-immigrant rhetoric, a fundraiser was organized through the online platform to raise money for the Brazilian distributor Caio Benicio. The initiative was titled “Buy Caio Benicio a pint”. But it exceeded all expectations, since 194,000 euros were collected!

The Brazilian bicyclist told reporters how he helped stop the assailant, aged around 50, by hitting him on the head with his helmet.

In a similar online fundraiser, 81,000 euros were collected for a nursery school worker who protected the children who were at risk from the perpetrator of the attack.