A Fazenda 15: Black says he doesn’t care about the public’s opinion: ‘I never depended on reality’


Cezar Black appears to have thrown in the towel after the elimination of his ally Alicia X in the tenth field of A Fazenda 15 (Record). In the early hours of this Saturday (25), during the party, the pawn vented to Shayan Haghbin, called the reality show a disgrace and spoke of a “fake game”. “I’ve never depended on any f*cking reality,” he said.

“If Brazil is attacking me or thinking I’m stupid, f*ck it! I am who I am and the shit I live in here every day”, he shouted. “I have my job, my money, and I don’t depend on anyone. I want everyone to take it from me.” Black is a former participant on BBB 23 (Globo).

When talking about Alicia’s elimination, he praised his friend and said that her departure does not match the reality of what they live there. “If Brazil sees it differently, patience.”

Black said he intends to nominate WL Guimarães for the farm, but, if he is in the bay, he will nominate Tonzão Chagas. “I’m not going to bow my head ever again to a bunch of f*cking hypocrites. If the game is lost, I’m going to leave here with my head held high,” he said.

Black does not accept the favoritism of the trio from the Pôr do Sol group, which he says is evident in the reality show. In the early hours of Friday (24), he had expressed regret for joining the program and said that he does not intend to participate in other realities.

Source: Folha

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