Ana Hickmann reveals that her father beat her mother: ‘I swore no man would do that to me’


Ana Hickmann spoke for the first time after denouncing her husband, Alexandre Correa, for bodily harm and domestic violence. In an interview with Domingo Espetacular (Record), she revealed that her father beat her mother during her childhood. “He tortured us psychologically at home,” she said. “I swore no man would do that to me.”

The presenter showed a scar on her hand and said that the injury was the result of one of the times her father attacked her mother and she tried to intervene.

Hickmann said that her mother, a victim of domestic violence, was at her house after the episode of aggression by her husband. “I said: ‘Mom, I can’t repeat what you did’.”

She recalled the fight that happened on November 11th in Itu, in the house where she lives. She said she was having a conversation with her son Alezinho in the kitchen about changes that would happen in the family’s life, since the marriage was not going well.

The presenter reiterated several times that verbal fights were common in the relationship. According to Hickmann, Alexandre started the fight by saying that she couldn’t talk about this subject with her son.

“Admitting the problems was what he didn’t like,” he says. She explains that the argument started to get more heated and that her son started shouting for them to stop. Her ex-husband would have started calling her “crazy” to Alezinho.

The 9-year-old boy was taken to an annex of the house by employees who work for the couple. According to Hickmann, Alexandre started to approach her and tried to headbutt her. “He didn’t hit me because I dodged,” he said.

Source: Folha

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