Gigi Hadid faced fresh backlash online after she claimed Israel is “the only country in the world that holds children as prisoners of war” and also accused the Jewish state of a series of heinous crimes against Palestinians.

The famous model in his Instagram post, which was later deleted, accused Israel of “kidnapping, rape, humiliation, torture, murder, before the attack by Hamas on October 7”.

Gigi Hadid’s post to her 79.1 million followers also included a photo of Palestinian Ahmed Mansara, who she claimed was “abducted” by Israeli authorities at the age of 12 and “endured isolation despite her serious condition his health”.

As expected, Gigi Hadid came under fire from social media users, accusing her of spreading fake news, while others compared her to Kanye West, saying her statements were anti-Semitic and stemmed from her hatred of Jews.