Shoe box bag? Influencer goes viral after showing off unusual accessory


Have you ever imagined using a shoe box as a bag? Influencer Malu Borges, known for her unusual looks, went viral on social media when she showed off her new acquisition. It is a leather bag, which simulates an Adidas brand cardboard box.

“It’s a shoe box bag. What were the chances of me continuing to live my life without this bag? It’s leather and I’m completely in love,” said Malu in the TikTok video that has already reached 6 million views. The accessory costs R$399.

In the comments, internet users were divided in their opinions. “I liked it worse,” commented a follower. “Wow, I can have the same one”, joked another. Those who say “I knew she would buy it” are the ones that appear the most. After all, Malu has already shown other pieces that left his followers jaw-dropping.

The influencer from Rio gained 1 million followers on Instagram and 5 million on TikTok, putting together “different” looks and shocking her followers. The shoe box was another successful video in the accessories sector. She has already shown her gift for choosing unique pieces, such as the pigeon bag — worn by Carrie in “And Just Like That” — and the towel bag.

Her 3-year-old daughter, Bebel, and her husband, João, are also successful on their profile, even though they don’t have as bold a wardrobe as Malu.

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