Cooking and spectacle in the kitchen of “My mom cooks better than yours” with Marco, Hector and the players giving their best, each from their station and more!

Watch the trailer:

Elli and Katerina continue their winning streak, knocking out one – one of their opponents and having won 4,000 euros. For the fifth time they enter the kitchen, ready for anything. Katerina takes her place behind the counter again and with Elli’s help makes “fried tongue with potato salad”. But some “bad tongues” upset her and the salt falls a lot… Will they continue to be the “queens” of the kitchen or will their rivals dethrone them?

Opposite them, two sisters from Crete, Maria and Christina. The relationship between them is excellent but Christina is at odds… with the kitchen. Maria, on the other hand, knows as much about cooking as she does about the show, since her husband Giorgos had been in the same position with 4 consecutive wins. Will Maria’s recipe “salmon with vegetable tagliatelle” succeed or will they say a mandinada and leave defeated?


Hector for the first time in the show says “well done” to both teams for the dishes they prepared. But he has to decide who will win the fish duel. The tongue or the salmon?