‘There is no longer any pending issue’, says Denilson about the agreement with Belo


Debt paid off. Former player Denilson used social media to comment on another chapter involving him and singer Belo. The Band commentator recorded a video stating that “there are no more pending issues between the two”.

“I saw some news on websites that Belo owed me a portion of something related to our agreement, but it went bad, dad”, he began. “Belo doesn’t owe me anything. There was a pending installment, but that pending issue has already been resolved. Everything is fine and life goes on”, explained Denilson this Friday (1).

Denilson and Belo had a fight more than 20 years ago. The former player went to court alleging that the pagodeiro had broken a contract by leaving Soweto to pursue a solo career in 2000. A year earlier, Zezé Di Camargo and Luciano’s brother-in-law had acquired the rights to the band.

In the caption of the video, Denilson also sent a “little message” that everything is fine between him and Belo. “To the joy of some and sadness for others (gossips): There is no longer any pending issue and has been for some time. All that was left was another situation, which has also been resolved. What could happen now, is me touching that tantan on the Soweto tour”, he commented.


Source: Folha

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