Escaped from an improbable “thriller” in Monza and Juventus took the top!


Alive (and pioneer) from “thriller” to Monza came out Juventus!

Where he thought he would get a clean double, Allegri’s side equalized in the 92nd minute, but eventually managed to escape with a great, as it turned out, victory (2-1).

The “lady” entered fury in the match and missed a great opportunity in the quarter to take the lead:

When the Vlahovic he saw the goalkeeper Gregorio to defeat him not only in execution penalty kickbut (with an even more impressive operation) and in the reset!

But what the home team was spared in this phase was… suffered two minutes later: After a corner kick in which the Rabio he caught a header and gave Juventus the lead.

So this goal seemed enough as to the delays to give the visitors the double. But victory was meant to come with me much more dramatic way for those.

Because in 92′ a cunning cross-shot by him Carbon confused Sezni, ended up in his net and looked to be taking the mouthful of his team.

However, Juve had not told her her last word: And in a flash two minutes later he was freed from him Cat!

Because he might have needed… two attempts from close range, however he nailed the ball into the net and sealed the big win, sending his team to the top of Serie A.

There where just unlikely is not to remain after the end of the competition, as the Inter hosted by Naples.

The program of the 14th matchday

Friday, 1/12

Monza-Juventus 1-2

(90’+2′ Carbon – 12′ Rabio, 90’+4′ Gatti)

Saturday, 2/12

Genoa-Eboli (16:00)

Lazio-Cagliari (19:00)

Milan-Frosinone (21:45)

Sunday, 3/12

Lecce-Bologna (13:30)

Fiorentina-Salernitana (16:00)

Udinese-Verona (16:00)

Sassuolo-Roma (19:00)

Napoli-Inter (21:45)

Monday, 4/12

Torino-Atalanta (21:45)

Next matchday (15th)

Friday, 8/12

Juventus-Napoli (21:45)

Saturday, 9/12

Verona-Lazio (16:00)

Atalanta-Milan (19:00)

Inter-Udinese (21:45)

Sunday, 10/12

Frosinone-Torino (13:30)

Monza-Genoa (16:00)

Salernitana-Bologna (19:00)

Roma-Fiorentina (21:45)

Monday, 11/12

Empoli-Lecce (19:30)

Cagliari-Sassuolo (21:45)

Source: Sport Fm

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