Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce dating is a marketing ploy, says former UFC athlete


“A publicity stunt”. This is how former UFC star Paige VanZant defines the relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. In her podcast, “Page and Austin” the former fighter says she doubts the love story between the singer and the Kansas City Chiefs star.

But why would two top stars in their field (OK, Taylor many levels above in terms of popularity and relevance) do this? What would lead one of the biggest pop stars in the world, a millionaire and with 12 Grammy awards on her shelf, to submit to something like that?

“It’s a huge marketing ploy and very convenient for both sides,” says Paige, defending her point of view. “It’s good for Taylor Swift, it’s good for the NFL, it’s good for Travis Kelce. There’s so much strategic stuff going on….”

She then gives a more specific example. “Taylor is with Travis to reach a completely different audience,” she says, convinced. This, in turn, in addition to more popularity, would be benefiting the NFL, the American football league — which is already huge. In other words, for the former fighter, the relationship would open doors to different audiences on both sides. “This relationship is 100% false”, she states again, peremptorily.

“Think about the wives who are buying Travis Kelce t-shirts right now,” he suggests. Recently, the New York Times published a report about how Taylor, now a regular at Chiefs matches, has attracted new interest to the stadiums.

VanZant spent six years in MMA, which he left in 2020, and today he says he is “very well off” with what he earns on his OnlyFans account, where he shows off his strong and defined body to anyone willing to pay for it. “I don’t plan on it anytime soon.”

Source: Folha

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