Michelle Pfeiffer appears with black eye; understand


Michelle Pfeiffer used her social media this Friday (1) to post photos of herself with a black right eye; in another image, the actress poses with a bag of ice on the wound. In both of them she is smiling, with a calm expression.

In the caption, the explanation: “WARNING: Pickleball, stay away from the kitchen!!”. Pickeball is a very popular sport in the United States and is still being discovered by Brazilians. It’s a mix of tennis and badminton, with a dash of table tennis. The match is played on a court, and Pfeiffer’s luck, in the case of the accident at home, is that the ball is light, because it is hollow and perforated.

Michelle Pfeiffer: ice on the bruise – Instagram

As of Saturday morning (2), more than 3,500 comments, from fans and celebrities, had been posted. Naomi Watts sent a basic “Ouch!” (our “Ai!”), while most of the texts lamented the accident, wished her well and praised how beautiful she is, even with the bruise.

Some followers were concerned when they saw the image and drew attention to the importance of hearing an ophthalmologist’s opinion. “Don’t joke about this, you might have detached your retina,” one wrote. Fun fact: Michelle kindly responds to hundreds of messages, thanking the tips, compliments and comments posted by profiles from various countries.

Source: Folha

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