THE 20-year-old star of “The Crown”, Meg Bellamy (Meg Bellamy)speaking to the Sunday Times explained how she landed the coveted role Kate Middletonwhile working as a mascot at a famous theme park in the Windsor area with no acting experience at all.

“I felt my phone ring in my pocket and I thought it was Kate Bonesseries producer, because I’ve been waiting for her call for days… But I couldn’t answer because I was working. After all i took off my suit and ran to the parking lot. I was on the sidewalk trying to hear her…Then I had to go back to my seat and deal with customer complaints as if nothing had happened.”he said.

It is noted that Bellamy plays the Princess of Wales in her college years in the sixth and final season of the hit Netflix series.

“I loved the show, so when the casting call came out, it was automatic for me to apply. Looking at it, I never thought I’d be in it one day.” Bellamy added, adding that a neighbor convinced her to audition even though she still doesn’t think she looks like Kate Middleton.

“Stepping into Kate’s shoes made me love her so much. Every day I researched her I felt a closeness to her. Growing up in a non-royal background and falling in love with William, there’s a nice simplicity to it. She is so approachable and so confident, classy and emotionally intelligent. I really admire that about Kate.” concluded Meg Bellamy.