Reference to six challenges for the Greek economy in 2024, was made by the Minister of National Economy and Finance Kostis Hatzidakis, initially pointing out that “Greece has turned the page”. However, as he said in his speech at the conference of the Hellenic-American Chamber, “from now on we are not complacent. We see the challenges and risks and we are steadily trying to address them.”

The six challenges are as follows:

1. The maintenance of durability. In the economy, the minister said, the mixture of fiscal seriousness with development prospects is followed. It was mentioned in the recent certification by the EU, that Greece is included in the 7 countries that are fully harmonized with the principles of the European Council.

2. Strengthening competitiveness. As the minister said, this is not ordered but encouraged, referring to the positive developments in the pharmaceutical industry, agri-food and RES. Now, he added, we are speeding up the delivery of justice and the further modernization of public administration and the banking sector.

3. At the same time, Mr. Hatzidakis referred to extroversion – a goal, he said, to increase exports to 60% of GDP by 2027 and to 70% by 2030– as well as supporting businesses for the green transition.

4. The limitation of tax evasion. The minister referred to the tax bill being debated in Parliament and gave as an example of the results so far, the fact that the declared income from the Rbnb has increased tenfold in the last 10 years.

5. The most efficient use of public property. The minister talked about the restructuring of ETAD, which manages, among other things, properties on the beach front and ski resorts. At the same time, studies are being prepared for the separation of ETAD’s properties into immature and ripe for exploitation.

Also, the utilization of the remaining regional airports, the concessions of the ports, the concession of the Egnatia Road and the Attica Road, as well as the entrance of the “El. Venizelos” on the Stock Exchange.

6. The strengthening of the disposable income of the citizens. As Mr. Hatzidakis said, the biggest problem is inflation, in the framework of which the controls by the Ministry of Development, as well as the extraordinary and permanent income support, are included in the context of dealing with it.

Concluding, the Finance Minister stated that “the plan is to make Greece resistant to crises. We will not let the progress so far go to waste.”