BBB 22: Boninho vibrates with ‘fire in the playground’ in the game of discord


It’s not news to anyone that the audience of BBB 22 (Globo) wants to see more discord and fights, and everything indicates that the climate of the “BBB of love” is coming to an end. After the game of discord that took place in this Tuesday’s edition (7) made Boninho, 60, director of the program, thrilled with the performance of the participants.

Through social networks, Boninho shared a video talking about the “fire in the playground” that was installed in the most watched house in Brazil. “Guys, on the forehead. Didn’t I promise? [barulho de explosão] Where’s the fire? On the playground… now what? I want to see this dawn… I don’t even want to think, let me go.”

In the caption of the publication made the same on Twitter and Instagram, Boninho wrote: “Tadeu Schmidt was shot, beating and bomb today. The BBB is getting used to it more than ever”. In response, the reality show host said: “I think few people feel like singing today.”

Marked by arguments, intrigue and climate, the game of discord took place outside the house this week. Participants had to choose two plates for two or one person. Attached with Velcro, all participants wore a forehead band.

“Hide the game”, “Plan”, “Pretend”, “Talk behind”, “Two-Face”, “On the fence”, “Sly”, “Play dirty” and “Flurable” were the settings available in the game. Emparedados, Douglas Silva and Arthur Aguiar were the main targets of the house. DG received 11 plates and Arthur nine.

At the end of the program, Tadeu Schmidt told the audience that this Tuesday morning (8) there would be no singing and no friendly atmosphere. In addition to the dynamics, the result of the wall between Arthur, DG and Naiara Azevedo will be decided today.

Viewers of the reality show also celebrate the movement that took place during the discord game, since before the main criticism of the program was that the brothers did not intrigue and acted as if they were in a “holiday camp”.

“For the first time in 84 years I’ve seen fire in the playground at this BBB 22”, wrote an internet user. “Finally a game of discord that is yielding something,” opined another.

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