Heroes hurt, break out and break down in the show’s riveting episode “The Pantheons”tonight at 21.00, at . The family that tries so hard to hold together is about to fall apart.

The Pantheons

Andreas is at odds with his two brothers, Isidore and the Chrysostom who for so long knew the truth about him and kept it a secret that he was not their father’s son, Germination. He is shocked by what he has learned, and directly blames them for the pain they have caused him. The Pantheon family, which Chrysostom tried to keep together with secrets, seems to be falling apart…

The Pantheons

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THE Marble reveals to Kitsch that the child is his. He is surprised, but he doesn’t seem ready for such a big responsibility. In his panic, he refuses to get involved and thinks that o Andrew he is the right father for the child…

THE Marble she expected a different reaction from Kitso and was ready to follow her love, but now she is desperately searching for a solution to the drama life has brought her. The decision he makes gives special pleasure to some…

THE You stood comes closer to her Alexa while the Luke discovers the truth about the person she hides Nina in her hotel room. The two make a decision that will change their lives…

The Pantheons

What will his relationships be? Andrea with his family, now that he has learned the whole truth about his parents?
What will she do? Marbleafter Kitsu’s reaction to her pregnancy news?
What do they decide? Nina by Luke that will have an impact on both their relationship and their lives?

The Pantheons


Monday to Thursday at 21.00 on SKAI

Starring: Katia Dandoulaki (Chrysostomi Pantheos), Emilios Chilakis (Andreas Pantheos), Melia Krailing (Marmo Pantheos), Michalis Sarantis (Kitsos Galatis), Nikos Hatzopoulos (Isidoros Pantheos), Thanasis Kourlampas (Fanis Pantheos), Maria Kallimani (Despina Galatis), Penelope Pitsouli (Ilaria), Maria Aliferi (Kali), Cora Karvouni (Nina Augustakis), Spyros Stamoulis (Stathis Monogios), Michalis Syriopoulos (Yiannis Marmaris), Elena Topalidou (Mirella), Athena Maximou (Meropi Monogiou), Costas Fillipoglou (Iordanis Vallidis ), Pantelis Dentakis (Lukas Augustakis), Smaragda Adamopoulou (Matoula Gana), Christina Alexanian (Veta Pantheou), Eleni Karakasis (Sevasti), Alexandros Moukanos (Chrysinas), Isabella Baltsavia (Pella Gana), Vicky Diamantopoulou (Thaleia Monogiou), Konstantinos Gavalas (Telis Valerios), Costas Kontaratos (Panagis), Eva Simatou (Sofia Stratigou), Giannis Zafeiris (Soldatos), Areti Tili (Aleka Vallidis), Ifigenia Karamitrou (Liana Pantheou), Giannis Katsimihas (Thomas Pantheos), Thanasis Isidorou (Stefanos Chrysinas), Konstantinos Elmazioglou (Ilias Gazis), Yannis Itsios (Dimitris), Krystallia Kefaloudi (Marianna), Vallia Papadaki (Urania)