BBB 22: Tiago Abravanel says he feels ‘harmed’ for prioritizing relationships

BBB 22: Tiago Abravanel says he feels ‘harmed’ for prioritizing relationships

Looks like Tiago Abravanel is waking up for the Big Brother Brasil 22 game (Globo). After realizing that he has been playing the game of discord, he commented on his attitudes in the house and the difficulty he is feeling to get along with everyone. The conversation took place with friends Arthur Aguiar, Pedro Scooby, Douglas Silva and Paulo André in the early hours of Tuesday (8).

“I feel harmed by myself in the game today because my game was just a relationship and now I don’t know what to vote for, I don’t know who to put on the wall, I don’t know who is who and I have priority in first place besides Arthur” , he said.

“It could be that I stay in the game for a long time. This for me can be positive, but even a part of the game. But up front who will prioritize me, understand? That’s why you need a balance, you love everyone may not be the best option and it’s the place where I find myself today”, completed Silvio Santos’ grandson, 91, who wanted to give himself the “On top of the wall” sign in the dynamic.

With great difficulty, Tiago Abravanel chose Maria and Eliezer at the time of the discord game, which consisted of giving two negative plates to two or one participant, provided he explained the reason. Abravanel chose “Influenceable” for sister and “On the wall” for Eliezer.

The justifications, however, did not seem to be so convincing even for the artist himself, who has been called the “enemy of entertainment” by viewers for his “BBB of love” speech.

With the speech that “relationships are more important than the game”, Tiago Abravanel begins to realize that this is not the case. He even talked about the importance of having strategies to defend each other in his conversation with the group of friends.

Even Abravanel’s social media admins are playing with the fact that he needs to “wake up to the game”. “Go my son, play plague,” said a meme posted on the official Twitter profile.

Abravanel even shared his new take on the show. “This is the place we need to understand every day. It needs to be balanced, it’s not just about playing and it’s not just about relating. We have to understand that the game is about strategy and relationship”.

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