A Fazenda 15: Cezar Black, Nadja Pessoa and Yuri Meirelles are on the farm; vote in the poll


Cezar Black, Nadja Pessoa and Yuri Meirelles are in the field and are competing to stay in A Fazenda 15. One of the three participants will be another one of those eliminated from the current edition of the reality show and will leave the competition this Thursday (30). Jaquelline Grohalski won the farmer’s race and saved herself from the 11th place in Record’s rural attraction.

The trio was nominated in the vote this Tuesday (5) and faced each other in the challenge of the day. Yuri Meirelles was already in the field after being pulled from the stall and was left out of the farmer’s test. The dynamics played this Wednesday (6) required pedestrians to have good memory, perception, agility and also a bit of luck.

In the first stage, the competitors had to watch some videos on three giant cell phones, memorize and answer questions about the content presented on the scenographic devices. In the second stage of the dynamic, the mission was to guess words recorded by other workers at headquarters. The words were transmitted without sound to the players.

In the last round of the dynamic, the trio competed to find the logo of one of the program’s sponsors. Black and Jaquelline tied with 29 points, but the girl got the better of her luck and won the farmer’s hat.

Cezar, Nadja and Yuri will compete for the public’s preference to stay in the game. The next person eliminated from A Fazenda 15 will be announced live, on Thursday night (7).

Source: Folha

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