BBB 22: Naiara calls Eslô a ‘bruaca’ after having zero stakes


After the busy Discordia Game, which took place on the night of this Monday (7), the walled Naiara Azevedo met in Xepa’s kitchen with her colleagues from BBB 22 (Globo) and ended up cursing Slovenia, for having a negative balance of stakes.

Vinicius was commenting that if he won the next Leader’s Trial he would only take Naiara to the VIP group if she had a considerable amount of stakes. After hearing the phrase, the singer fired: “Oh, it’s true! Eslô’s bruaca made each of us lose 100 stakes. I was supposed to be positive!”.

In addition to Vinicius, Bárbara and Laís were in the kitchen at the time, but they were quiet after the singer’s phrase, who on Monday night, received plates such as Sonsa and Esconde o Jogo. Soon after, Vyni changed the subject and talked about Naiara’s songs.

Slovenia made all the confined in the house lose 100 stakes after breaking one of the cameras of the decoration of last Friday’s party (4). At the time, the sister held and dropped the platform that held the camera, which, after the impact, was broken.

The object was valued at around R$ 300 thousand, and as punishment, Slovenia had its attention called by Big Boss, who took 200 stakes from the sister and 100 from the other participants. Despite this, the sister did not receive any votes for Paredão.

Arthur Aguiar, Naiara Azevedo and Douglas Silva, better known as DG, form the third wall of BBB 22 (Globo). Indicated by leader Jade Picon, Arthur did not compete in the back and forth. Naiara and DG played the test of luck with Lucas.

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