Susana Werner and Julio Cesar end their marriage, and she talks about property violence: ‘It’s wrong’


Susana Werner, 46, confirmed this Sunday (10) that she and her husband, former Brazilian national team goalkeeper Julio Cesar, 44, are no longer together. According to the former model and actress, the marriage ended definitively about a month ago.

In an outburst published on social media, which she called “diary of a future separated woman”, the influencer told how she is facing the end of her 21-year union. “There’s no time for sadness here,” she said. “I really sleep at night. It’s been a month since I’ve been separated, a month where I’ve been calm and happy. It doesn’t seem like it, but I am.”

The couple, who have two children (Cauet, 21, and Giulia, 18), had already been facing a crisis in their relationship. In May of this year, they announced that they were separating, but they reversed their relationship days later. “We were hasty,” she said at the time. Now, she says she has made up her mind and just wants to enjoy herself.

Werner also cited property violence as one of the reasons why the marriage ended. According to her, she received a monthly amount from her husband, but never enough to accomplish what she wanted. Recently, she would have realized that this was a way for him to control her.

“I only learned after the Ana Hickmann case,” he stated. “I only realized that I was part of this a short time ago. He was probably instructed to be like that, and that’s okay. In my mind, it’s wrong. And that’s why I’m leaving. Love isn’t everything.”

“There’s no point in loving someone if they’re not proud of you,” he continued. “Not supporting you in the things you want to do, not looking at you. It was very difficult for many years. I feel many needs that are not met, that I cannot, because there is no way.”

Source: Folha

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