Christmas is one of the most beautiful holidays of the year. The magic in the atmosphere, the lights, the spirit of the days, the decorations, everything gives a special aura to these days, which – no matter how we do it – have something of a fairy tale.

Many of us, however, find it difficult to get into the holiday spirit, due to everyday life and obligations, which run and don’t wait, not even to “goof around” in front of the Christmas tree.

So, because for us (who love Christmas a lot) it is important to feel the magic of the holidays and get into their spirit, we have collected some favorite spots, which put you in the absolute Christmas mood and we present them to you below.

Fairy tale

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Known for its intense fairy-tale style (as its name says, too), Fairytale honors Christmas with more. Decorated trees, lights, ribbons and a series of Christmas sweets, which will put you in the absolute mood of the day. Of course, the theme of the store is pink, so those who visit Fairytale, get ready to enter a pinker Christmas atmosphere, which will take you away from everyday life and make you forget where you are for a while.

Address: 16 Leokoriou, Athens 10554 (head office)


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And this year, as every year, Noel is a must visit spot for all Christmas lovers. The highly extravagant atmosphere of the shop, which – between us – is a little like the house we all wish we could stay in during the festive season, is the ultimate place to get that much-needed dose of festive magic. Whether you want to go out for a coffee or a drink, we highly recommend!

Address: 59B Kolokortoni, Athens 10562
Phone: 2112159534