BBB 22: Lucas’ friends find shyness strange and bet on the player side


Focused, passionate about sports, easygoing and playful: That’s how the friends of production engineer and medical student Lucas Bissoli, 31, define him. The brother joined the Pipoca group of Big Brother Brasil 22 (Globo) and continues to compete for the prize of R$ 1.5 million, trying to maintain a good relationship with everyone.

Lucas was born in Serra, Espírito Santo, but currently lives in Vila Velha. The brother is an only child and despite considering himself spoiled, he does not think he is selfish. “Out here, we don’t call Lucas, just Bissoli”, says Vinicius Taufner, a friend from the engineering school.

For him, the capixaba shows what he really is on the show, despite being a little shy in the first few weeks. Guilherme Fiorot, also a friend from college, says it was a surprise to see him at BBB, but that in personality, he is being himself.

“He doesn’t look for trouble, he’s also excited to party. [Ele é] pagodeiro, at parties he likes to drink and enjoy”, adds Fiorot. Rafael Grazia, who also studied with his brother, says that at the time of college he was “the person in college who most talked to everyone and was friends with all the classes “.

Friends say that before being at BBB, Lucas already had greater exposure on social networks and liked to show his workouts and make jokes, until he became known as Barão da Piscadinha. “It’s a form of an outlet for him, and we even played with ‘take care’. Everyone has fun with Bissoli’s games”, completes Taufner.

College friends still say that the engineer is very polite, so he shouldn’t look for fights and get involved in trouble in the house, despite now migrating to a protection strategy in the game, in addition to affinities.

When asked if he was already expected to live a romance at the beginning of the program, the answer was unanimous: “Knowing Bissoli, yes”. “Despite being successful with women, he’s always been a very discreet guy in that part, he’s always involved with something,” says Fiorot. The production engineer is liaising with Slovenia.

Friends say that getting involved with a person in the game can also influence Lucas’ strategy in the house. “The fact of forming a couple and naturally getting close to people close to Slovenia became an important factor for him”, adds Fiorot.

Regarding the tests, Taufner comments that everyone expects him to win an endurance test, due to his physical conditioning, but that he is also “a blessed guy” and can do well in luck tests, as was the case with the test. do Bate e Volta on the 6th of February, in which he escaped from Paredão. Grazia still comments on the test, saying that he considers his friend lucky.

“But in the endurance tests he will do very well. If he needs to stay all day, he stays”, adds the friend. “He’s a guy who mixes two characteristics that can lead to a lot of success in competitions, for having a good physical condition and at the same time being very intelligent, balanced and rational”, added Taufner.

Fiorot highlights his focus as the main trait of his personality, and also says that he is very attached to his mother. Lucas’ friend also comments that the capixaba’s determination and focus are apparent in his choice to study medicine after college, and still maintain a physical exercise routine.

Lucas decided that he would study medicine after his exchange in Malta, because he did not feel fulfilled as a production engineer. He is currently in the 7th period of medical school, is studying full-time and intends to specialize in nutrology or endocrinology.

Fiorot says he expects his brother to show more of his player side and dedicate himself to the tests. “I don’t think he’s the type that will go into a direct confrontation with someone or provoke some anger in another participant. The tendency for him to be someone’s voting option will be more by affinity”, he adds.

Taufer also mentions that outside the house, friends from engineering college often get together to watch Lucas on pay-per-view. “The production engineering group has never been as busy and united as it is now,” he says. “I learn more through the group than through social networks”, adds the engineer.

Recently, the capixaba was involved in a confusion in the VIP group. Laís, Bárbara, Jade, Eliezer and Vinicius didn’t like that their brother is eating a lot during his stay in the group, and they even decided to hide some items from the engineering student’s fridge.

Rafael Grazia says that Lucas has always had a big appetite, since the beginning of college, because he really likes to eat and also because of the large amount of physical exercise. This was even highlighted in the brpther presentation video, who said he was considered greedy by his mother and feared that this could be a point of attention when he was confined to the house. And it has been.

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