BBB 22: Tiago Abravanel says that his mother helped him understand his sexuality


Confined to BBB 22 (Globo), actor and singer Tiago Abravanel told, this Tuesday (8), about what it was like to understand his own sexuality. In a conversation with Linn da Quebrada, Natália, Arthur Aguiar and Jessilane, he said that his mother, Cíntia Abravanel, was fundamental to the process.

The artist began by saying that he had dated two women, one at 14 and the other at 16. “When I was on my second date, I was 16 — at 14 it was my first kiss, my first girlfriend, first sex– I was working at her mother’s theater, and a show came from Rio, which was like a boy band.”

“I fell in love with one of the boys in the band and I didn’t understand that I had fallen in love. But, when the play ended and they were going to return to Rio, my world became real. I felt very bad and couldn’t understand”, continued the artist.

He then says that he wondered why he was feeling that way, and that his mother replied: “You fell in love with him, that’s okay.” He went on to say: “My mother is f.! I feel very privileged, I have always been loved and respected in my house for everything I am. Then I had this understanding [de que gostava de homens]”, he added.

“Despite living with this universe, sexuality for me was an unknown. The sentimental, understanding that it was possible to be attracted to another guy, was still an issue”, continued the artist. “But because I have warm friends and family, I never had a problem with that.”

He recalled when he went to tell his sisters about his sexuality, that they were all sitting on his mother’s bed, and they said, “We already knew! We’re going to love you just the same.” “I started crying,” recalled Tiago.

The actor said that he tried to relate to women again, after his first dates and that when he had sex with his girlfriends it was good too. The brothers even suggested that he might be bisexual.

“The difficulty was how am I going to conquer a boy if I don’t have a pattern. I dated another girl, after I already understood. I said: ‘I’ll give it one more chance’. What? I think there’s even that possibility. I liked it,” he added.

On the night of this Tuesday (8), after realizing that he was in the discord game, Tiago commented on his attitudes at home and the difficulty he is feeling for getting along with everyone. The conversation took place with friends Arthur Aguiar, Pedro Scooby, Douglas Silva and Paulo André.

“I feel harmed by myself in the game today because my game was just a relationship and now I don’t know what to vote for, I don’t know who to put on the wall, I don’t know who is who and I have priority in first place besides Arthur” , he said.

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