A Fazenda 15: Reality enters the final stretch with a fast pace and several surprises


With two weeks to go and still with 10 pedestrians in the house, Fazenda 15 will accelerate the pace in this final stretch of the program. The reality show’s management reserved some surprises: two fields with double eliminations, the departure of two more pedestrians before the very final with four participants on December 21st.

This Tuesday (12), the 12th field of the season will already have four participants competing to remain in the spotlight and two will be eliminated by the public. This will also happen in the 13th and 14th marbles, which will take place on Thursday (14) and Saturday (16), respectively. On Tuesday (19), another double elimination of the six pedestrians.

André Gonçalves, Cezar Black, Jaquelline Grohalski, Lily Nobre, Márcia Fu, Nadja Pessoa, Radamés Furlan, Shayan Haghbin, Tonzão Chagas and WL Guimarães will still have to go through a trial by fire worth R$ 30 thousand. Called The Great Conquest, the dynamic will be done in pairs, defined by draw. The four losers of the dispute will automatically go to a Special Roça. The winners may or may not be tempted to win 30 thousand, but whoever accepts the money automatically switches places with their opponent who lost the duel.

Check out the schedule for the final stretch of A Fazenda 15 below

Monday (11): Ten pawns in the game – Last Fire Trial of the season and an activity among those confined;
Tuesday (12): Formation of the field with five participants and two will be vetoed from the Farmer’s Test;
Wednesday (13): Last Farmer’s Test and vote between four farmers. Two will be eliminated; Thursday (14): Double elimination between the four pedestrians who will be in the field. There will no longer be a farmer:
Friday (15): Special Test – The eight pedestrians take part in the test which will have as its theme the reality show A Grande Conquista, which will be played in four duels defined by draw. The four losers will automatically go to a special field. The winners may or may not fall into the temptation of winning R$30,000, but whoever accepts money goes to the fields and swaps places with their opponent who lost. The eight farmhands will vote to define the fifth farm, among those who are not already in the special farm. At the end of the program, public voting will be opened.
Saturday (16): Double elimination between five roceiros. There will be six pawns left in the dispute;
Monday (18): Washing dirty laundry with all the pedestrians of the season, winning prizes. On that day, the six pawns that are still in the game automatically fall into a special field. Voting will be open for the public to choose four of them to be the season’s finalists.
Tuesday (19): The two pawns with the least votes are eliminated and the quartet of finalists will be defined; Wednesday (20): Party with the participation of all the season’s pedestrians and voting open to the public to find out the champion of the reality show among the four finalists.
Thursday (21): The season’s champion will be known and will win a prize of R$1.5 million.

Source: Folha

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