Danilo Gentili and Igão: celebrities speak out about Renato Cariani, target of PF operation


Influencers and comedians, friends of Renato Cariani, who was the target of a Federal Police operation this Tuesday (12), spoke out about the event on social media. While some defend him, others condemn the businessman, who is being investigated for participating in the diversion of 12 tons of chemical products to produce 19 tons of cocaine and crack.

Danilo Gentili, who was once trained by the influencer, defended his friend and coach on Still, the comedian preferred to avoid controversy and said: “If it is proven that he is a drug dealer, I hope he is convicted and punished.”

Earlier, Gentili also joked about Cariani’s involvement in the investigations: “I confess that this whole story gave me some relief, because today was leg training day and I didn’t feel like it.” “I hope the police don’t release my audio recordings as an excuse to skip training,” he also commented.

Igão, PodPah presenter, also said he hopes his friend is not guilty. “I know Cariani and I highly doubt he’s guilty. If he is, unfortunately he’s another friend whose life was destroyed by crack.”

André Alba, presenter of the Pânico program, commented on the failure in the punishments: “If Cariani’s arrest is true, he can rest assured that drug dealers or drug traffickers are good here in Brazil.” See comments below:

Source: Folha

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