João Figueiredo, husband of Sasha, plays with gospel playlist for sex


Gospel singer João Figueiredo, 22, husband of Sasha Meneghel, 23, used social media to joke with the statement of fitness influencer Maíra Cardi, 38, who said he had a praise playlist to be heard when having sex with the husband, actor and singer Arthur Aguiar, 32, currently confined to BBB 22.

“I’m a believer, it’s nothing new… but having sex listening to praise is new to me kkkkkkk each one with their fetishes right”, said Sasha’s husband on Twitter.

One Twitter user said it’s very clueless to listen to praise songs during sex. “Fetishes? That’s clueless! Praise is for worshiping the Lord. How are you going to praise him thinking about sex? And how would you get laid while listening to praise? I think that’s kind of sick. Nothing to do with it!”

“Yes…because I can’t imagine actually listening [a cantora gospel] Ana Paula Valadão, sorry”, commented an internet user. A woman praises Sasha’s husband: “I love boy Jão.”

A woman defended Maíra Cardi and said that people even care about that. “It’s funny if everything you do should be for the glory of God then I don’t understand if sex in marriage is not a sin where is the problem? Crazy people even care about that stuff.”

Another netizen defended Maíra, saying that she made it clear in her Instagram stories that she doesn’t hear a fire song. “They are international songs with nice rhythms even. Another thing, if God created sex for marriage, he is ‘present’ yes at that moment, if he leaves it would be a problem.”

On social media, Maíra said that sex is a blessed moment. “When I’m in bed with my husband, I have the praise playlist, sex, yes. God is there all the time, because if God isn’t there, who is? My life has full-time praise,” she said.

In the videos, Maíra explained more about her relationship with faith. “I remember as if it were the first time the day she [amiga] was here and I said: ‘Friend, help me with the playlist for the time to make love’. The little pussy popped both eyes out,” she said.

“The time that God is present in my life is the time when I am in my room with my husband making love, even generating life. God does generate life through sex, so sex is beautiful and blessed. Mainly done in love, in the family,” he said.

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