Apolleon was the winner of the day at My Style Rocks, but to earn the extra point for the Gala, she had to take it away from one of her teammates. The one he chose was Dionysia.

The concept of the episode was for the contestants to manage to combine their appearance as best as they could with over the knee boots.
The one that achieved it was Apolleon and indeed with a high rating, 15.9.

Mortasia wondered if Mimi has help, as she mentioned that her Instagram images are not what she brings to My Style Rocks.

Dimitris Skoulos advised Efi to bring a different proposal and not a set. “Here we see a hanger with something black on it,” he added.

Tension arose between Amanda and Apollyon. “My Apollo why does everything have to revolve around you,” Amanda wondered.

Then the feud continued. “The girls think that Apolleon is arrogant and that bothers them,” summed up Dimitris Skoulos. “I’m alone, I don’t deal with anyone and that alone bothers me,” added Apolleon.

Dionysia, seeing her score, declared that she was not interested, with Stelios Koudounaris replying: “don’t get tired. Let’s kick you out this week, let’s get it over with” “Hear what you’re saying? I really can’t stand you.”

See the judges’ catwalk:

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