Take some time and think what is most important to you in life? Express your gratitude to those you love, you won’t live forever and neither will they, so don’t delay at all, no one and nothing is taken for granted in this life, so don’t waste it like that.

You are here for a very short time and being grateful for everything you have will help you appreciate a lot in your life that you may take for granted right now, but you know very well that it certainly isn’t.

Optimism and gratitude will help you move forward and think a little more positively about things and see them from a different perspective. Remember everything that made you happy when you least expected it. Say thank you for everything you have.

So see 10 reasons why it is important to feel gratitude.

  • You are healthy

The most important thing of all is to have your health. It’s one of those things you don’t appreciate when you have it. You know, many people appreciate their health when they lose it, things change and they wish they had appreciated it earlier. It’s never too late to start not taking the good of health for granted and to appreciate every day that you wake up and are healthy. Even if you are dealing with a health issue at this time, it is important to believe in the power of gratitude and once all is well again to regularly remember to appreciate your health.

  • A family

If you have a family, then you know that no matter what happens, these people will be by your side in the difficult times as well as in the easy ones to support you. And yes, we all have our moments when we forget but not everyone has a family to turn to in a great or a difficult time.

  • You have good friends

It’s rare these days to have true – real friends and if you do have them be thankful for it as they are like a second family. Show them how much you love them every day.

  • Warm food

There are people who don’t even have a plate of food to eat and are struggling with life. And that’s it

  • One roof

Having your home for sure and that is not a given, as you come back to it, you have your bed to lie on and everything is in place. Or almost. At least.

  • Electricity, water, communications

Due to the economy some people cannot afford to pay for electricity and water. These simple luxuries for some are not a given for all.

  • Freedom and opportunities

The freedom and opportunities that life gives you should make you feel grateful every day. Think a little more that you can wear what you want, protest, speak, shout and believe in what you want. And think how many opportunities are given to us every day for life, pleasures, joy and ultimately gratitude.

  • Are you busy

Be happy if you have a job and a steady salary. Not everyone has.

  • For the trips you’ve taken

It doesn’t matter if you’ve made a few trips, one or more. Wherever you have been to destinations near and far, may this make you think with gratitude.

  • Think generally about the “riches” of your life

For example, do you have two nieces, whom you adore and are to you all the “riches” in the world? So what is worth more to you?