His explosive character, his insatiable passion for all the juices – and the frills – of life, his unruly provocative spirit, and above all his genius acting talent, have made him a living legend, with millions of fans around the world. And so many others to be hostile to him.

Gerard Depardieu, the phenomenon who entered the big screens in the early 70s with a demonic fury and charmed cinephiles all over the world, has given up some of his glamor due to his unruly character of him but also for his disguises. It remains, however, the most important thing French cinema has produced in the last half century.

Unrestrained, with a fictional past even before his adulthood, Gérard Depardieu will begin his career in spectacle as an actor, progress as a director and producer, develop into a businessman, vineyard owner, author of six books and seems to end up as a vagabond out loud, targeting his own country as well. He created an idol, living ten lives in one and at the same time with his exuberant presence, the extroverted disposition he possesses, he will enter as a leader in the mischief field, causing disturbances just by saying “good morning”.

Criminal past

Alain Delon may have the reputation of the most “charming bum”, but Depardieu has certainly won the title of the most “charming lord of darkness”, although he possesses a unique brilliance. His criminal past, animalistic behavior and always his incredible talent will help him become a superstar, but the same characteristics will repeatedly drag him back into the mire, from which he fought to get out, but it seems that this relationship with youthful mud is irresistible. Recently, he was again in the news for a sad event, the suicide of the actress Emmanuelle Debever, who had accused him of sexual harassment.

Self-destructive and insatiable

The now 75-year-old Gerard Depardieu (born December 27, 1948), is a hero of France, so contradictory and unpredictable, that he can hardly be explored, classified in any category. His performances are admired by many, his contribution to cinema is very important, but always self-destructive and insatiable, he will drag everything in his path. From French decorum, hypocrisy and political correctness, to his achievements in cinema, his relationships with people in his art and of course – if the accusations are true – his disastrous relationship with women, his abusive behavior.

Next to thugs and prostitutes

He was born in a miserable town in central France, Chatroux, as the third child out of five in his impoverished family, living on social benefits. His alcoholic working-class father and his unhappy mother, who was ready to do anything to prevent the birth of little Gerard, left his upbringing in the poor streets, inhabited by thugs, vagabonds and prostitutes. He left home at the age of 13, to wander as a Mark Twain hero. He committed frauds, petty thefts, while many times he participated in grave robbing and gold grabbing, while when he realized he had a “pass” on homosexuals, he sold his “services” and many times beat them by stealing them. There was nothing heroic about May 1968 for Depardieu, as it was yet another opportunity to make easy money by stealing wallets and other valuables from protesters sleeping in the streets.

The passion of drinking and the phobias

Of course, the passion for drinking he acquired from his youth, while his claim that he drank more than ten bottles of wine a day, may seem unbelievable, but not to those who know him closely. As he had revealed, the passion for drinking arose from his phobias and obsession with the noises his huge body makes, from his heartbeat to the sound of locks. A phobia that could drive him crazy. “I can’t sleep unless I’m completely drunk,” he once said.

First in the Dance of the Corrupted

At the time when he was with one foot in petty crime, with the other he was stepping on the stage, learning the dramatic art in Paris. His appearance could not go unnoticed and he will start making some appearances in the cinema, but in 1974 he will stand out by starring in Bertrand Bliet’s film “The Dance of the Corrupt”, with which he will open the way to recognition and an enviable career. His collaborations with François Truffaut, Bernardo Bertolucci, Marco Ferreri, Andrej Vaida, Peter Weir, as well as iconic roles, took him to great heights, although to his younger fans he will always be the benevolent giant Obelix.

Green card


In summary, from his performances in over 200 films, he will receive the silver award at the Venice Film Festival, for his role in the police drama “Narcotics Unit”, he will be nominated for an Oscar for the film “Cyrano de Bergerac”, but he will win the César Award and the Best Actor Award at Cannes.

He also won the Golden Globe for “Green Card”, while in 1996 he will be crowned a Knight of the Legion of Honor and in 1997 he will receive the Golden Lion in Venice for his contribution to the cinema.

Symbol of France

However, this success of his, the riches he will acquire, will put him on new adventures, since his unbridled personality will make him renounce his French citizenship, due to overtaxation, and he will turn to Russia and his best friend, Vladimir Putin, from whom he will receive honorary citizenship. His outbursts against France will not stop him from returning to his homeland, doing movies, TV and whatever else he puts his mind to, since he remains a living symbol of France, even when he despises it.

Rapist or victim of Puritanism

And Depardieu may be escaping the traps or the legal system of France, but he will probably have a hard time cleaning up from MeToo and the accusations of raping a dozen women. An issue, which in France has caused a great stir, but with many Frenchmen and Frenchwomen on its side, who argue that sexual freedom in the country is being attacked by a foreign form of Puritanism. And of course having the support of the most important part of the artistic circuit, since the charges he is facing should put half of France on the stool.

It is unknown if this hamini from Satoru will ever mature, who has no problem rolling in the mud even in the third age, which he has passed with his unrestrained character.

His fictional life could fill books, but no one can predict the end of Gerard Depardieu.

Ias if in a courtroom or some exotic country. Most likely over a feast, where the wine will be flowing and the huge beef steaks will be disappearing into his stomach…