After the birth of his first child with Sharna Burgess, Bryan Austin decided to undergo a vasectomy.

According to his revelations on the “Old-ish” podcast, this decision took shape when his son was only 8 weeks old.

When Zayn was born, I said, ‘I think it’s time to close up shop’“, said the actor.

He explained that his son’s arrival was not something they had planned in advance.

In addition, it stated that Sharna was using birth control methods during that time to avoid other unplanned pregnancies.

In this context, Bryan took the initiative to undergo a vasectomy.

As part of her appearance on the podcast, Sharna spoke positively about Bryan’s decision to undergo a vasectomy, saying, “It was beautiful what he did. I was really very grateful for that. It was so great what it did and ensured us comfort and no stress in our sex life».

Sharna expressed her joy that this decision provided comfort and revealed that she is no longer worried about possible unplanned pregnancies. Although she considers pregnancy, as a period, beautiful, she pointed out that she would not wish to experience it again.

As for the possible expansion of their family, he said that they will probably need to resort to in vitro fertilization.

Finally, she revealed that none of their five children came as planned, but none of the pregnancies made them regret it.

A vasectomy is a surgical procedure commonly performed on men who wish to safely prevent their fertility. During this procedure, the tubules that carry sperm from their reproductive organs during ejaculation are cut or tied.

Vasectomy is considered permanent, and it is important to consider it reversible only possibly through therapeutic reversal. However, reversal is not always successful and does not guarantee the regaining of natural reproductive capacity.