BBB 24: Even after disagreement, Graciele Lacerda declares support for Wanessa


Even after public controversy and disagreement, Graciele Lacerda, Zezé’s wife, declared her support for Wanessa Camargo on BBB 24 (Globo). “We are with you,” she posted.

It is worth remembering that the atmosphere between them until then was not the best. They didn’t even spend the New Year’s Eve celebrations together. All due to a fake profile created to discredit the singer.

It was Amabylle Eiroa, the singer’s daughter-in-law, who released some prints on social media and accused Lacerda of transforming the lives of everyone in the family into chaos.

In an interview with columnist Fábia Oliveira, singer Zezé Di Camargo confirmed the existence of a fake profile of the woman, and argued that “90% of artists have a fake profile to defend themselves against some things when you don’t want your name to appear”.

According to him, “we are a lot of bullies, we talk a lot, they tell lies about us” and therefore they prefer to use a fake profile to defend themselves.

In the prints that were released, the profile attributed to Lacerda used the name Priscila Dantas and on several occasions spoke negatively of relatives of the Camargo family and well of herself. In a video that took over the web, in which Graciele edited a photo on Instagram, it was possible to see that profile on her device.

In one of the comments on a photo, the profile said that Wanessa Camargo had cheated on her then husband, Marcus Buaiz, ​​with her now boyfriend, singer Dado Dolabella, and that everything would have been discovered at the time.

At the time, Wanessa considered filing a lawsuit against Zezé’s wife and had gathered evidence.

Source: Folha

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