BBB 24: Michel Nogueira, teacher, is confirmed in the reality show


Miner and Geography teacher. The first 18 participants of BBB 24 chose Michel Nogueira, 33, as the male representative of “puxadinho” to enter the reality show.

Graduated 11 years ago, Michel teaches at two schools and, at night, studies Veterinary Medicine – he is in the sixth period. The change of professional field in the near future is due to instability as a teacher.

“Every beginning of the year, I find myself without a job and waiting for the call-up. I go to confinement unemployed”, says the boy who has not yet married his partner Renato due to financial problems. “I would do it, but it would be too troublesome”, he explains.

Michel says he is a good-natured and party-loving person. He believes that because he is overweight he may have some disadvantages in the game, but he is not afraid of nasty comments and emphasizes that he is willing to break any barrier with willingness and willpower. “I have a lot of determination in everything I do. I knew that this moment would come at some point and I’m very close to it”, he says and signed up for 11 editions of the reality show.

However, Michel made no secret of the fact that he will need to control his “dominant” side to avoid having problems with other participants. He also lists the characteristics he doesn’t like in others. “I can’t stand stuck-up, loose and bossy people. I’m also a bit bossy and I think that two dominant people in the same place would cause a lot of clashes.”, he says.

Source: Folha

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