BBB 24: Yasmin Brunet and Vanessa Lopes seal peace at the premiere and frustrate the public


When the names of Yasmin Brunet and Vanessa Lopes were announced on BBB 24 last Friday (5), the public immediately got excited because the two had already had a disagreement outside the house.

However, on the first day at the house, the sisters talked about the fight. As they hugged at the entrance of the house, the model said to the influencer “I was sure you were coming, I dreamed.”

Later, Luiza Brunet’s daughter called Vanessa for a chat and said she wanted to leave any friction from before out of the dynamic.

“It has nothing to do with what’s going to happen in here. Neither you nor I did anything, it was a business that went out and people assumed things. I was very upset, but I focused on a person who had nothing to do with the situation “, said Yasmin.

“I’m actually relieved, I’m very happy. I’m not going to judge anyone based on anything I already know about the person”, Vanessa replied.

The reason for the fight between the two involves Gabriel Medina. Yasmin was married to him, but they both ended their romance in January 2022. After the breakup, Vanessa, who is a TikToker, was identified as the athlete’s supposed new affair, something they always denied, although they had already been caught together.

Yasmin stopped following Vanessa at the time and took the case personally. Vanessa has even refused to mention Yasmin’s name on podcasts when asked about this beef.

Source: Folha

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