Romario makes a request for a date in the heights; meet his new girlfriend


Love is in the air for Romário, 56. The former player of the Brazilian team and senator for the PL (Liberal Party) of Rio de Janeiro is officially dating the digital influencer Marcelle Ceolin, 31, from Rio Grande do Sul.

The request was made during a dinner in the heights, in a suspended structure about 50 meters from the ground, on Thursday night (10) in Rio de Janeiro. During dinner, to the tune of Adele, a hired entertainer spoke about the story of the two lovebirds.

Afterwards, Romário asked if Marcelle wanted to date him, to which she replied yes. The two tried to kiss to seal the moment, but seat belts prevented them from getting any closer.

“In the clouds multiplied by two”, celebrated the influencer on social networks, marking the senator. “There was a surprise dating request on MasterChef Brasil Nas Nuvens and I said yes! May happiness become a routine and we will always be surprised by the good surprises in life.”

More discreet, Romário only reposted some of the scenes that Marcelle put in the stories. He had already posted photos with her, but in a group.

In January, when the influencer published an image of her birthday, she received a public hug from the former player. “All mine,” he wrote in the comments.

Marcelle has around 40k followers on Instagram. She has a degree in journalism and a graduate degree in fashion. The gaúcha also has a line of glasses.

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