Paolla Oliveira explains why she decided to make the real body her agenda: ‘They won’t leave me alone’


Paolla Oliveira, 41, explained why she decided to start publishing unretouched photos on social media and trying to show her real body with less shame to her followers. The actress said that the criticism she receives has become less important.

“I started to see the wave of women admiring, and I started to see the criticism from a slightly more distant perspective”, he said in an interview with Fantástico. “But the coolest thing about this is because I didn’t wake up one day and say ‘my life’s agenda is going to be body’ out of nowhere.”

“I was provoked,” he says. “I’ve been teased for years. And I imagine that a lot of women are watching now and will also feel this teasing. It’s all the time, but we keep quiet.”

The actress told what she felt when she was criticized for a video published in which she participated in a rehearsal at the Grande Rio court, a samba school where she is the drum queen. For some internet users, she had “gained weight” and “lost her shape”; still others completed by saying that “age comes to everyone”.

“You imagine, dressing up and thinking I’m beautiful, making a wonderful outfit, and you go to the rehearsal. I arrive at the rehearsal, you’re gongada, you’re massacred, criticized, you don’t want to come back”, he lamented. “I wasn’t feeling that way, I was feeling good, happy.”

She also said that she decided not to remain silent in the face of this situation. “I respond, I argue, I make videos. I feel brave to be doing this,” she said. “From the height of my privilege, a standard, successful white woman, I’m saying: they won’t leave me alone.”

The actress also identified a sexist and misogynistic element in the criticism. “Probably, whoever is deciding the world order of things is not being pointed out, asking if the tie matches the suit,” she compared.

Despite saying that more men have criticized her recently, she says she is more surprised when the comments come from women. “I’m not the one who’s going to point them out,” she said.

“Maybe I’ll make other videos to say: ‘Get out of there, silly. Stop doing that, don’t discredit another woman’s movement'”, he commented. “She is perhaps going through the same thing that you have already gone through. Even though you can’t see it, if you look closely, everyone is there very close, being judged, being singled out, being objectified, being diminished.”

Even raising the flag of a real and free body, she says she will not leave her vanity aside. “I’m not going to stop taking care of myself, doing anything. It’s not about that,” she said.

Source: Folha

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