A post about the adoption and surrogacy bill was published on her personal Instagram account by Clelia Renesi.

The actress who is often on social media for social issues this time revealed her thoughts on the issue of “surrogate motherhood”, while also referring to the concept of normal and not.

“In order for the month to come out, 90% of Greeks spit blood. But for public opinion this is only nature, it is normal“, she writes, among other things.

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Clelia Renesi’s post:

“So many days I hear and see essays in digital cafes about gay parenting. The title: Against nature. So against nature for a child to grow up with parents of the same sex. Whereas everything we heterosexual parents do is completely natural. Of course, we are fully in tune with our nature.

Immersed for good in the chaos of urban everyday life, from morning to night we run to meet tasks and obligations, park a child in as many activities as we can, prepare a meal of sadness with mutated foods, mom and dad in complete confusion all the time, abused and defeated by a ruthless systemin the web of unimaginable speed of developments and constant upheavals.

For the month to come out, 90% of Greeks spit blood. But for public opinion this is only natural, it is normal. Where we plunge them from six months into nurseries and run out the door with tears in our eyes lest we hear him cry, when our milk still flows and we are ashamed and hide it at work, and we go to the toilet to pump next to urine and feces because it is natural for colleagues to see you.

And then we hold our children to an inhumane performance bar. Languages, sports, skills, 800 hours a week in case they have ten minutes of quiet time to figure out who they are and where they are going. Of course not. That would be out of character. Then we stuff them into tutorials, performance anxiety, knowledge acquisition and emotional blackmail.

And then the psychological ones start, the psychologists, the panic attacks, the neuroses, but all this is normal. Children turn 18 and think that tomatoes grow in supermarkets and fish live in the freezer. They reach 18 and don’t know how to talk to the opposite sex in a human way. They don’t know how to hold each other’s hand. They don’t know how to manage 50 euros at the supermarket. But this is all natural, so it’s all good.

And the parents (heterosexuals, don’t worry about me) cross themselves, “we gave them everything, we became a sacrifice, let them become something great, we lived for them, what went wrong?” so these parents now consider it natural for a couple of parents of the same sex to resurrect a child. They think that this will destroy the edifice of today’s society. Of today’s tragedy, more correctly.

That’s our problem. To save some children from institutions and structures and to enter warm homes and hugs. The only natural task we live in is the impoverishment of our race, homosexuals, heterosexuals, old, young, we all boil in the same cauldron proudly and proudly and find very easily reasons to divide so as not to see our overall decline.

What shall I do with the man who does not fight for his rights, his fellow man, does not raise his head at his encroachment, does not oppose his shrinking? What should I do with the woman when she does not go out to the streets to scream, when children are killed, when she is forced to suffer humiliation, when she herself has accepted the shrinking of her femininity because it “bothers and provokes”?

Gender is not just a genetic command. It is deep and old history. And the colors have long since faded. Let people save as much as their hearts can handle, and save as much as your legs can handle. There is no other way.

The only thing that naturally concerns me in this story is the chapter “surrogate mother”. Because it is a head with many legs and often dark. Because only absolute poverty can make you a surrogate mother. From there opens the way for “illegal trade in wombs” and babies. And it’s creepy. But this concern also applies to heterosexuals and to everyone. The project “the womb is mine, I do whatever I want with it” I don’t know if it should to arrive at “If I want, I sell it”, I am deeply hesitant”.