BBB 24: Vanessa Lopes argues with MC Bin Laden and challenges: ‘Should you and I go to Paredão?’


The temperature rose in the BBB 24 house this Thursday (18). Vanessa Lopes argued with MC Bin Laden in the reality kitchen shortly after breakfast. It all started because of the distrust of the influencer having a vote from the funk singer. The brother tried to talk, but the sister quickly cut the subject short: “Bin, I don’t want to talk about games. I’m going to play with my heart. Let go of me, man, let me go!”, asked Vanessa.

The funk player didn’t understand the complaint. “Oxy, are you crazy?” Visibly irritated, Vanessa raised her tone and said: “I’m crazy, crazy, because you don’t respect my space.”

“And I just said ‘hey, bro, you’re doubting my character, okay'”, said the funk singer, who ended up apologizing. “But sing your song for us… the one you released out there. Beautiful! I’m not afraid of anything, no, you don’t want to pay me crazy, no”, replied Vanessa Lopes.

Nizam got involved and Vanessa told him straight away: “Don’t touch me! When I say that I don’t want to talk about the game and the person comes to talk about the game, they are disrespecting me.”

“I’m not talking about games, because you’re raising the issue. You just said that I could vote for you. You didn’t say it? If you didn’t say it, then it’s over,” commented Bin Laden, who continued sweeping the kitchen: ” Poor thing, poor thing!”, pointed out Vanessa, who resumed the discussion: “Shall we go to Paredão, then?” The funk singer replied: “Bro, who’s talking about Paredão?”

Still nervous about the discussion, Vanessa decided to clean the bathroom with Matteus and threw away the other participants’ toothbrushes. “I was the one who stayed here all night putting things in place. But I didn’t tell anyone. Because, sometimes, it’s the example that works. Did you see that it became much more organized when I threw everything away? Now everything is messy “, he vented.

Source: Folha

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