BBB 24: Matteus is the new leader of the reality show


Student Matteus, 27, won the fourth leadership of BBB 24. The test to win the crown required the brother’s luck and skill.

Matteus put Juninho, Nizam, Giovanna Pitel and Ráculo in his sights. On the day of the wall he has to choose one of these four to go straight to the hot seat.

The first stage was lucky. Each participant chose a giant cell phone to find one of the ten messages that would give access to the next phase. The lucky ones were Giovanna Lima, Ráculo, Marcus, Alane, Giovanna Pitel, Fernanda, Michel, Wanessa Camargo, Matteus and MC Bin Laden.

In the second part of the game, each participant had to throw three balls into an obstacle course, similar to that of The Wall, also on Globo, and score points. There were seven houses at the end of the track and the score varied from 1 to 30 points. The three highest scorers advanced to the final.

The lucky ones were Pitel, Matteus and Alane. Finally, each of them had to show skills to collect giant coins in a pool of balls for 70 seconds. Whoever gets the most of these items wins. Detail, they were suspended in the air by a device, the test looked like the classic scene from Mission: Impossible, with Tom Cruise.

There was a technical problem in the test. Alane managed to stand up in the pool, a situation that rendered the equipment that was supposed to keep her sister in the air useless. Presenter Tadeu Schmidt canceled the test and called commercials for the team to correct the device’s defect.

At the end of the dispute, and with the problem corrected, leader Matteus ended up with 16 coins, Giovanna Pitel, 6 and Alane, 8.

Source: Folha

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