Anitta responds to criticism for being the main attraction at her father’s birthday: ‘He’s my number 1 fan’


Anitta used social media this Tuesday (23) to respond to a fan’s criticism about her father, Mauro Machado’s birthday. The singer didn’t like being called out for performing as the main attraction at Painitto’s party at the weekend

The singer, who recently acknowledged having had a slip-up with Marina Ruy Barbosa, organized a surprise for the family. She hired a DJ and even an orchestra to put on a show with her father’s favorite songs. Anitta also sambad with dancers. “So the big surprise for Anitta’s father’s birthday was herself! My favorite manages to transform everything about her, impressive”, wrote the fan.

She didn’t take long to respond: “My love, I know my father better than any of you here on Twitter. His name on Instagram is paiNITTO, can’t you tell that he’s my number 1 fan? I know perfectly well that he I would prefer this show of me singing his favorite songs than any other singer.”

And it didn’t stop there: “Everything in my father’s life is about me. I know he will love telling his friends for the rest of his life that I did a special show for his birthday. If it was my mother’s birthday , I also know who I would ask to sing, which wouldn’t be me… But hers is at Christmas, so it’s not possible.”

Anitta also said that the “internet creates a parallel universe”, putting an end to the discussion.

Anitta’s post responding to a fan’s criticism about the surprise party for her father – Reproduction/Twitter

Source: Folha

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