BBB 22: Bucket hat, second skin, crochet and colors make fashion on reality


The bandanas that made the heads of the participants of Big Brother Brasil 21 come out, and the bucket hats come in. BBB 22’s fashion is more laid-back, relaxed and in connection with the young people of generation Z. It’s no wonder that Jade Picon, 20, with her crochet pieces, bodysuits and second-skin dresses and even gloves, is considered the fashion icon of the current edition.

In an analogy with social networks, it is more the dance of TikTok, and less the “look of the day” of Instagram, as compared by image consultant Ana Vaz. It’s not as if Jade or other BBB participants were inventing the wheel, emphasizes Márcio Banfi, professor of the fashion course at Faculdade Santa Marcelina.

“It’s nothing new or a creation of our own. Much of what we see at BBB are part of larger trends that basically come from this streetwear, which is very influenced by pop music”, explains the professor.

Bucket hats, for example, have become a fever outside Brazil for some time now and have emerged in African-American street culture and among rappers. Names like Kanye West and Rihanna are some of the ones who adopted the accessory. At BBB, in addition to Jade, Pedro Scooby, Paulo André, Slovenia, Bárbara, Rodrigo and Linn da Quebrada have already used the model.

The influencer even used a crochet bucket hat, mixing another fashion trend that is present in reality: handmade pieces. “It is also something that we were already seeing, but when he appears dressed by a celebrity from Big Brother, it becomes something much bigger. And we are talking about a very Brazilian trend, which has to do with our craftsmanship and that ends up reaching other places in the world”, says Banfi.

“We’re going to see crochets and handicrafts for a long time to come. It’s a more authorial fashion that values ​​this handmade work”, adds Ana Vaz.

For professor Fernando Hage, coordinator of the fashion course at Faap (Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation), Jade was smart to understand her place as a kind of fashion editor who captures the trends that are happening around the world and in the pop universe. .

“She also managed to find a balance by using pieces of R$50 and others of R$1,000 to show that it’s not just the price that counts, it’s the style. it’s just the ostentation or the brand that matters. They matter, but they’re not the only thing”, he says.

In social networks, profiles that dissect the clothes worn by the influencer in the reality pop up. In addition to the crochet bikini and bucket hat, highlights include the pajamas that became a meme because they looked like an outfit for going out and the printed body with long sleeves, a partnership between Shein and Filipino stylist Pamela Madlangbayan —sold for R$55.90 , the piece sold out within hours of Jade using it on the show.

The influencer, points out Hage, also bets on sensuality by wearing clothes with cutouts and slits, in addition to bodies, dresses and bodysuits that are glued to the body and that look like a second skin — a trend called catsuit (named in reference to the Catwoman costume) and which is used by the Kardashian Jenner sisters, the singer Dua Lipa, the Brazilian Iza and other celebrities.

“It’s an outfit that conveys a natural sexy image, it’s not heavy,” says Banfi. Gloves enter this movement. “It follows this proposal of the second skin, which we are seeing taking to the streets. And they are simple pieces to take in the suitcase, which will take up little space, are practical and enhance the look”, complements Professor Hage.

Consultant Ana Vaz agrees. “It’s a casual fashion and at the same time very sexy. Besides being simple and practical.”

Experts point out that much of what Jade wears is in line with what is presented by her own clothing brand, JadeJade, in a clear marketing ploy to boost sales.


In general, they point out that fashion at BBB is a reflection of what has been on the rise since 2020, with the beginning of the pandemic. “It’s a young fashion, less full of vestments, more comfortable, graphic and colorful”, says professor Fernando Hage.

Actor and singer Tiago Abravanel is an example of this and another fashion highlight in reality with his printed and colorful sets. “The moment he appears in a fashionista and elegant way, in the sense of someone who dresses well, he breaks some stereotypes, because fat people feel represented and at ease to be able to feel the desire to buy something like that. very, very good”, highlights Márcio Bonfi.

Like Jade, Silvio Santos’ grandson also takes the opportunity to organically promote his pajamas brand, T_Jama.

Even the participants who are not fashionistas have drawn attention for their use of very colorful pieces. “Viny, for example, always makes unusual combinations, pink shorts with a green blouse. Or Brunna who was all in pink the other day”, says Fernando Hage.

“We noticed this trend of more colorful, festive clothes, to take away some of this idea of ​​isolation, of the sadness of recent years”, adds the professor.

Linn da Quebrada also stood out at the BBB as soon as she entered with a t-shirt emblazoned with the art “Monumento à Voz de Anastácia”, in which the artist Yhuri Cruz resignifies the image of the enslaved woman with a gag, painted in 1817 by the French Jacques Etienne Arago. In the historic repair work, Cruz takes off Anastasia’s gag.

“When she comes in wearing this shirt, it’s a message like: I’m here, and we’re going to talk about it all the time. It’s a wonderful entrance”, highlights Márcio Banfi.

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