Pabllo Vittar performs with Anitta and sends a message to fans: ‘Stop fighting’


The singer Pabllo Vittar, 28, attended Anitta’s Carnival rehearsal, 28, which took place this Saturday (12) at the Latin America Memorial in São Paulo, and sent a message to the fans. “Stop fighting on Twitter!”, she yelled with the right to swear at the end.

The singers had a falling out in 2017, after releasing the music video for the song “Sua Cara” with DJ Diplo. Since then, their fan clubs have exchanged barbs on social media, even after the two got closer, more recently.

The fight would have happened because of expenses with the clip, which Anitta said in an audio from the time that would have been US$ 70 thousand (R$ 360 thousand at the current price). In 2019, Pabllo herself provoked her colleague by taking up the subject in a Carnival block.

The two, however, already understood each other and even recorded together, in December 2020, the song “Modo Turbo”, with Luísa Sonza. At the time, they said there were no problems and reported constant conversations and jokes in cell phone messages.

Now, Pabllo has sent his message to his fans. “Are there Vittarlovers here? Are there Anitters here? So stop bickering on Twitter, damn it!” he asserted. Although some fans were thrilled with the message, others complained that Anitta should make the same request.

“It’s a pity that the other one doesn’t take a stand and doesn’t order her fan faction to stop too”, said an internet user. “If these two fan bases got together again they would be unbeatable”, commented one more. “Mano, I freaked out with this meeting”, vibrated another for the approach of the singers.

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