Today’s players come full of appetite, not only for cooking but also for fun. Panagiotis and Antonis come for the second time to the kitchen of “My mom cooks better than yours” and confront Popi and her sister, Agapi. Marcos gives them free rein to turn the kitchen…into a nightclub dance floor with him…throwing flowers and breaking plates! Will today’s couples be as good at cooking as they are at the late night show?

Watch the trailer:

Antonis and his friend Panagiotis managed in the previous episode to win over their opponents and get very positive comments from Hector Botrini. This time the two enter the kitchen more confident in their abilities and Panagiotis, guided by Antonis, cooks “mushroom risotto”.

Opponents of the two explosive characters, Popi and Agapi. They are sisters, of Pontic origin and with a great passion for cooking but also for singing, since Agapi’s dream was to become a singer. Popi puts her sister in the kitchen and guides her to make “chicken puff”, a traditional Pontic recipe.

What does Hector say about all this? Who deserves the 1,000 euros of the episode?