BBB 24: Luigi admits having used a racist expression: ‘Vini Jr. passes by outside, I’ve already passed by myself’


Lucas Luigi, 28, apologized for using a racist expression to refer to other black participants in BBB 24. During this Wednesday’s BBB Chat (31), the ex-brother stated that Leidy’s advice, 26, served him well avoid using any more nicknames considered offensive in the house.

“I see the [racismo] that Vini Jr. spends outside [na Espanha]I’ve been through this myself [aqui no Brasil], forgive me. It wasn’t nice, I’m sorry and I ask for forgiveness,” said Luigi.

The carioca reviewed part of his career within reality in the interview with Thaís Fersoza and Ed Gama. The duo showed their brother the fun moments featured in the reality show related to the participant’s dances, facial expressions and speeches. Ed said at one point that Luigi was, “comic relief.”

Davi was also featured in the chat. The interviewers showed the video in which the Bahian reveals that he supports “humble people”, or “[jogadores] who really need the prize”, win the program.

After watching, Luigi believed that another recording would be shown next. One capable of supporting the interpretation that the young Bahian was chasing the cabins, but this does not exist until now.

Even so, the eliminated player pointed out Davi as his disappointment in the game, “due to his actions and speeches. Even the food situation, I was hungry for two days”, he said. Fersoza and Gama tried to humanize the Bahian’s behavior, within the game, for Luigi with suggestions.

But, phrases said by the interviewee himself such as: “[Davi é] a black man who doesn’t know how to recognize his mistake”, “I lied and omitted it. [Mas,]I don’t speak heavy words”, left the impression that other contexts needed to be shown for the ex-BBB to perceive possible contradictions and exaggerations.

At a certain point in the interview Thaís and Ed showed a post on X, formerly Twitter, to Luigi. “Wow, Africanize! I follow them!”, exclaimed the young man before seeing what the content was about. If this information were known by the production, it would be a way to show how the public has seen Davi’s movements and around him for Luigi.

Internet users even told the eliminated man that he was hanging out with an “evil crowd” inside the house. The brother was confused by the statement, “but he will have plenty of time to see everything that happened later”, explained the presenters.

Luigi should be on Ana Maria Braga’s program, on Globo, this Wednesday morning for another interview. To be seen.

Source: Folha

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